Sample Situations


Clients come to Joyce Richman and Associates Ltd. with many different challenges. To help you get a feel for the kinds of immediate and long-term changes that people are seeking, we’ve listed some of the more common scenarios here:

Over-promised, Under-delivered

I was promised the moon when I joined my company, but I’ve been in the dark ever since. No one communicates with me, despite my senior level of responsibility. I need someone to help me figure out this mess. Let’s dig deeper. Sometimes both parties make good faith promises, yet something creates a barrier to carrying them out. If you are candid, we can figure out what to do about it.

Hiring Talent Know How

As the leader of this organization, it’s my job to set the vision and direction. I think I do that well. Where I need help is in hiring the right people to carry out the vision. I don’t know how to get the right talent. We can coach you to ask the right questions and listen for what you need. We’ll steer you away from the common pitfalls of hiring people who are too much alike or who are too accommodating to a single point of view.

Talented, but Lacking in Interpersonal Skills

My boss says that I am doing a great job, but my personality isn’t. She says that I need to work on my interpersonal skills to be successful in this organization. Can you help? If you are willing to do an honest self-assessment and you are motivated to make changes, then we can give you the strategies and tactics to succeed. We have a lot of history working with others who have shared this same dilemma, we can help.

Stalled Career Advancement

Why am I not getting promoted? I do all the work, but my peers seem to get all the promotions, help! We can show you how to quantify your work and how it impacts the bottom line. We’ll help you get visibility and credit the right way as a step toward success and promotion.

Insecure about Interviewing

I think that my job interview went well, but then I don’t get an offer. What am I missing? We can help tease out the issues in your interviewing approach and we’ll provide the tools you need to improve your chances of success.

Over-the-Top Competition

My work environment is tense because my colleagues are competitive and aggressive. I used to think I was competitive, until I started working here. Can you help me manage the situation better? We can help determine the source of the tension and the drivers of the competition. Being aware, followed by a toolkit of situational responses can help you manage yourself in a tough environment.

Changing Course or Career

I know that I’m not happy with my job, but if I make a change, I could end up going from the frying pan into the fire. Transition is tough, but we can help you set the right goals to get you on track and feeling in control again. It begins with an honest self-assessment of what you need to be successful. From there we can help you improve your chances of matching what you need with the career options that are available to you.