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Let’s Settle Those Interview Jitters

If you’ve got the interview jitters and you’d like to calm your nerves, let’s get on top of some of the issues that can get to the best of job seeking applicants. “I understand that negotiating is part of the interview process, but I don’t know why I should bother.  After all, employers know what they’re willing to pay and that’s what they’re going to offer, right?” Employers know what they are willing to pay. Continue reading →

Preparing for an Interview

What are three things you should know before heading out to an interview? Know about the company.  Know why you want to interview them.  Know why they ought to interview you. Let’s get down to basics. Do your homework before interviewing. If you’re short on time, check the prospective employer’s web site. If you have the luxury of more time and the company’s track record is good enough to merit space in business journals, go Continue reading →