Personality Assessments

Joyce Richman and Associates Ltd. offers administration, scoring and interpretation of career, personality, and 360 feedback instruments.

Career assessment tools are designed to help individuals identify interests and self reported skill sets to determine those working areas that are likely to provide satisfying activities and responsibilities.

Personality assessment tools help individuals evaluate how they gather information and make decisions. Among these, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® is the most well known and widely accepted personality preference instrument used in industry today. It is reliability and validity tested, and has been translated into 25 languages and is used in 30 countries.

360-degree feedback instruments, also called multi-rater assessments, provide clients the opportunity to receive objective, confidential information on how others perceive their behaviors and gain keener insight into the implication and impact of those behaviors.

The firm’s programs are designed to develop increased perception of self and others regarding personality traits, decision making and leadership styles, as well as enabling individuals to assess the appropriate direction of their careers.