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“Joyce, I feel like I’ve been drop-kicked and hoodwinked. I was hired and fired and never paid a dime in between. I can’t ever afford it, but right now, a month after the holidays, well, this is as bad a time as it can get.”           I asked the caller to describe what happened, and here’s what he said:           “I’d been out of work for a long time, laid off from a company thatRead More
There’s a lot in life you can’t control and plenty that you can. You can worry yourself into a frenzy about the former and over-do the latter. You can change your perspective about both and live a little longer and be a little nicer, to yourself and those with whom you live and work.           That’s easy to say, and hard to do, if you’re stuck in a mindset of “this is who I amRead More
How open are you to receiving feedback about your work and workplace behavior from a perspective different from your own? How aware are you of other outlooks, viewpoints that collide, values that contradict, and standards that differ from those you envision to be right and just? If you want to lead the team or just stay on the team, ask for input and listen to what you hear. Employers and co-workers are paying attention. AndRead More
Up and at ’em! It’s a few weeks past the honkin’ and hollerin’ dawn of the new year and I bet you haven’t made out your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Surely there are countless things you resolve to do differently this year; dozens of ways you want to be, think, and do that are new and improved over the not-so-hot ways you did them last year. So, get in gear, pencils sharp, paper ready.Read More
I’ve received so many requests for more of the “most common mistakes made by job seekers”, I thought I’d better throw a few more your way.  Here goes: You commit the granddaddy of all job hunting errors when you take yourself out of the running by time wasting, over-thinking, and under-selling. You waste time when you spend all your time planning your search and expend no time implementing it.  (These are the folks who spendRead More
I know it’s tough to be laid off, and scary to be without a paycheck. The market’s tight and the competition’s stiff. It’s hard on the person getting the news and the family that has to deal with the aftermath. I’m a layoff “survivor”. That means I’ve lived through several organizational cut backs, deep and shallow, and I’m still here, working, until they cut me loose. Before you tell me how lucky I am, andRead More
Are you feeling a little unglued? If you’ve been looking for a job and you can’t find your car keys, you may have a few gremlins messing with your mind. Let’s take a look at what they’re up to and what you can do about them. The Fear gremlin can keep you stuck to the place you’re standing, particularly if you haven’t had much experience job hunting. The Anger gremlin can fight your desire toRead More
At the insistence of well meaning friends I attended the revival of a well regarded, albeit mighty dusty Broadway musical. I expected to see a warmed over version of what I had seen in the past and was as delighted as I was surprised to find that the show was as fresh as if it had just been washed and fluff dried. The actors’ exuberant performance rang with enthusiasm and invited the audience to beRead More
Do you work with these people? “He wears me out. No matter what I position I take, he takes the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I like honest disagreement, but he takes it too far” “She blocks, obstructs, you name it, she’s in the way of progress. Ten of us agree and she’s the lone dissenter. I’d fire her, but she’s right more times than she’s wrong. ” “She nods agreeably whatever the subject. IRead More
I’m often asked to describe the “one greatest error job seekers make when looking for work”. Well, you’re already ahead of me if you figured that there’s more than one, so, I’ll go through a short list of some of the more common mistakes and missteps, and you determine if you’re in the midst of making any of them. Let’s start with resumes. Many job seekers, in an effort to be all things to allRead More
Don’t you love it when you receive great customer service? You feel good about the company and want to continue doing business with them. Conversely, few things can be as frustrating as a bad shopping experience. You feel angry about how you’ve been treated and are sure to take your future business elsewhere. Sales and service providers say the public is getting harder to please, and customers say good service is getting harder to find.Read More
Three people. Three openings. Three applicants. I’ve changed the names but not the shoes. If they fit, wear them. Clara. You are perfectly put together. Your hair is perfect. Your nails are perfect. Your makeup, outfit, even your shoes, perfect, perfect, perfect. There’s just one thing you’ve missed. You’ve forgotten to connect your personality to your smile; warmth to your eyes. Clara, I’m looking right at you and seeing right through you and I’m notRead More
We had just begun talking when my client started to cry. “This is hard for me”, she said. “It’s the first time I can remember failing, totally, publicly, and despite my best efforts, not keep it from happening. I’ve tried so hard. I’m exhausted from the effort of trying.” “I took this job for two foolish reasons. First, I accepted it because I was flattered.  I was ‘perfect for the position’, they said. ‘Exactly theRead More
It all started amicably enough. I was on the road, had an afternoon off between speaking engagements, and wanted to do something relaxing with three hours of found time. I thought, “Movie! That’s the ticket.” So, by golly, I went to the neighborhood theatre, paid the admission, and was directed to door #9, my gateway to entertainment. I went in and with a mix of surprise and mild frustration realized that the feature had startedRead More
Don’t burn bridges, no matter how aggravated, provoked, or justified you believe yourself to be. It isn’t worth it. To illustrate, read on. I’ve changed the employee’s name but not the story: Karen was ticked. In a major way. The manager that she had worked so hard to please had passed her over for promotion. Not once. Not twice. But three times. And three times was the charm. She decided she was going to leaveRead More
A recent caller wanted to know if she could blame the economy for her inability to find work. I told her that if it made her feel better to do so, please, be my guest. She said that it didn’t. She wanted to somehow get past the fact that there were so few jobs and so many people looking for them. “I’m not a spendthrift,” she said. “I have bills to pay and no wayRead More
Fear of failing. Fear of succeeding. Doubt, worry, and anxiety can take over the best that’s within us. We vacillate, falter, and dither over basic decisions and necessary actions. We disappoint ourselves and those we care about most. “What if I try and don’t succeed? They’ll know I’m a loser. I’d rather let others think I have potential than take a chance and fail. I’m not happy with my job and I take out myRead More
“Who are you?” I asked. “And what did you do with the person I knew?” We both knew the answer. Will had lost his job and his way back to security. He was devastated by a lay off he knew was coming but took no action to avoid. The Will I had known in better times had been fun, feisty, and full of energy. Now he looked lifeless. The switch was off and the lightsRead More

A List of Big Mistakes

Posted by Joyce Richman on January 24, 2009
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One of the biggest mistakes you can make on an interview is to tell prospective employers that you can do anything they need you to do. No matter how able and willing you are, if you make a pledge like that you’re bound to fall short. The employer knows that and won’t hire you. Instead, ask the interviewer to describe the greatest challenges facing the department in which you want to work, then describe whatRead More

What Do You Have to Prove?

Posted by Joyce Richman on January 24, 2009
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He said that he was impatient, hard driving, focused, bottom-line. That he had trouble with people who wanted to think aloud, taking everyone’s time, noodling about what ought to have been immediately clear to everyone present. That his idea was good, it was the right thing to do and the right time to do it. So, he did what any clear thinking person would have done, he blew up. Well, not totally. But he didRead More