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WFMY News 2 Television station is hosting a career event June 24, 2009 in Greensboro, NC.  The event is called Passport 2 Success and features a pathway for participants to travel and connect with 11 different coaches with varying expertise and backgrounds. Two TCA Coaches, Joyce Richman and Barbara Demarest, will be featured.  Joyce currently appears on WFMY offering career and executive coaching advice.  She is serving as one of the sponsors and hosts ofRead More
Are you having trouble interviewing? If so, join these folks who have emailed examples of their situations and frustrations: “I’ve gotten feedback that when I interview I come across as remote, even arrogant. I don’t think of myself that way, although I must admit I am smarter than most people I know and I don’t have a real desire to make friends with everyone I meet. That being said, I’ve snagged my share of interviewsRead More
“I’m intimidating. I know it. I don’t like it. I’ve never known what to do about it. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s my personality. My whole family’s like that. My mom’s direct and my father more so. My brothers and sisters are all competitive go-getters. We earned our stripes around the kitchen table. Every meal was a potluck of competing voices and spirited debates. We argued about everything you shouldn’t; from politics and religion, toRead More
Everyone needs to know what they do best so they can match themselves to the jobs that require their skills and strengths. Before I have described someone who was struggling with this challenge and frustrated because he couldn’t figure it out. After making a series of bad career decisions he had managed to dig himself into a financial rut matched only by the dimensions of his personal funk. He had lost the heart, drive andRead More
“Don’t worry! You’ll be great! If I can do this job anybody can!” You do worry. You don’t know what you’re doing, what your boss expects, and you feel like you’re failing. You want guidance. “What are you worried about? I’d tell you if there were a problem, you’re fine!” You’re not fine. You’re making mistakes. You’ve tried to figure it out but you’re in over your head. You’ve asked for help but your bossRead More
Three people, three challenges. The names aren’t theirs, but the stories are. And many of you share them. Daniel doesn’t know how to describe his career dilemma other than to say he is, “…lost, clueless, and stuck. I can’t get started because I don’t know where I want to go. I don’t want to interview because I know I’m flat. I’ve been told I act like I don’t care if I get the job.  That’sRead More
Sam was a candidate for the job but was flabbergasted at being removed from consideration before even getting his interview.  This is Sam’s version of what happened: Sam had a busy morning and as a result, was late getting to his interview. When he arrived, the receptionist asked him to wait for an escort to Human Resources. Several minutes passed before he was accompanied to the interviewer’s office where again he was asked to wait.Read More
Words, particularly value-laden words, mean different things to different people. Some interpret language figuratively and others, literally. If we were to think before we speak, clarifying our intentions to maximize the value and appropriateness of our impact, we’d have fewer misunderstandings. We may not realize the influence our body language or facial expressions have upon the communication of the words we choose to use. Some of us are highly animated and transfer more energy thanRead More
I’m at the beach. It’s raining. Not sprinkling. Showering. Misting. Or any of the displays that suggest wait-a-minute and the sun’s bound to come out.  This is a rain that’s going to stay for a while. I better get used to it. It came advertised. I saw it on the weather channel, read it in the paper, I heard it from forecasters who added their personal and chipper “don’t bother going to the beach thisRead More

Welcome to RichmanResources – a blog by Joyce Richman

Posted by Joyce Richman on June 08, 2009
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Most of my coaching practice is focused on helping people get, keep or change a job. This blog has two primary categories that I write about and hope you will find helpful:  The Job Search and Managing Your Career. The Job Search — the posts in this category are about getting or changing a job and cover everything from your first job to a mid-career transition to post-career purposeful work. Managing Your Career — keepingRead More
You’re in the job market and you’ve got lots of company. Some of you burned out in your last job and you chose to leave because you couldn’t continue in a position or at a place that buried the best in you and brought out the worst. You need a job. You may be lay- off casualties, caught in the convergence of economic conditions, world events, and outsourcing realities. No matter the cause the outcome’sRead More
Balance. Who cares and what does it have to do with your job search? Several clients have called, wanting to figure it out. The call for balance used to be the province of women in the workplace.  “I’m expected to do it all,” some whispered. “I expect to do it all,” others proclaimed. And it still falls to many a woman with spouse, child, or children, to be the point person in charge of cleaningRead More
Many interviewers will tell you they can spot a winner within twenty seconds of meeting the candidate. Whether that’s a race worth winning is the subject of another column. Today’s column is about the belief that it’s possible.  With that in mind, how can you make your case in less than half a minute? Smile. Smile from the inside out. Smile nice and easy. “I’m pleased to be here”, your smile says, “and I’m pleasedRead More
Making a great impression in the first 20 seconds of an interview could be one of the most important goals for the applicant.  On the other hand, the first 20 seconds should not discover a “winner” for the job.  This isn’t a horse race, and if it were, you wouldn’t know the outcome unless you stayed around long enough to see who’s in first place when crossing the finish line. It’s true. Some applicants startRead More
Everyone has an attitude. How you project that attitude has enormous influence on how you are perceived. Those perceptions and interpretations by prospective employers make the difference between a winning interview, and one that doesn’t quite get it. Attitudes are influenced by events and your reactions to them. You may be a great communicator, a motivating team builder, and an all around wonderful catch, but if you’re stuck in a bad place, all those attributesRead More
American Idol, Fear Factor, The Swan. Whoever says that today’s popular television programming isn’t educational, hasn’t been watching reality TV. Job seekers can learn plenty from watching these shows and noting the striking similarity between the would-be star’s chase for fame, fortune, and success and their own job search. Case in point: American Idol. Job seekers and Idol hunters begin the chase competing against legions of applicants, all varying in age, background, appearance, talent, discipline,Read More
“Two months ago I had a superior performance review. Today I don’t have a job. If you asked me what happened between then and now, I’d have to tell you I don’t have a clue. All I know is that last Friday I received a voice mail telling me to meet my boss at 5 pm. I may not know much, but I do know it’s never good to have a meeting with your bossRead More
Got a few hundred minutes? I hope so, because it’s going to take time to follow today’s advice.  Instead of focusing on job search tactics, like interviewing and networking, let’s hone in on the bigger issues, like What do I want to do when I grow up?           If you are a grownup and are still asking this question, whatever job you’ve been doing hasn’t been very satisfying.           Hmmm. Not satisfying. Some folks sayRead More
Conventional wisdom has it wrong if the job you go after is a bad match for your skills, your innate strengths, and your style or personality preferences. As many of you can attest, you can do a good job matching your skill sets to the required need, only to find later that you have a serious personality mismatch to that of your boss and/or the culture in which you will be working. If you wantRead More
He wanted to meet so we could discuss his job search. He said it wasn’t going anywhere and he needed help re-starting it. And, he said he just needed to vent.           “Joyce, I’m not getting any replies to my resume. I must have mailed 300 copies and I haven’t gotten one nibble in response.  Please review it and tell me what’s missing.”           He handed it to me, I glanced at it and toldRead More