What are your fees?
Because we design everything we do, specifically for you, we don’t have the kind of fee structure that can be presented as a menu. We encourage you to call us, let us know your situation, and we’ll be very forthcoming about how we will work with you.

Where are the coaching sessions conducted?
We can travel to you, or you can meet with us at our offices in Greensboro, North Carolina – or a combination of both. We also can use phone coaching. Contact us, and we can see what is best for you.

Are you available for presentations?
Yes, we do conduct a limited number of presentations each year. To see the list of topics, please click here.

How do I get started with Coaching?
Call us! We’re available from 8:30-5:00 (EST) Monday through Friday at 336-288-1799. We find that an initial conversation to match your needs with our services is the best way to start. We will need to ask you a few questions about what is driving your need for coaching and what outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

Can I do Coaching by Phone or only in Person?
We have ways to work with you via phone or in person. In our initial conversation, we’ll set up what works best for you to accomplish your goals.

Do you only work with individuals or will you work with groups?
We do work with groups. We can design workshops or we can do presentations. We can also do assessment for a group and use the results as a springboard for on-going work. To see the kinds of topics around which we have conducted seminars before, click here.

How long does coaching take?
There isn’t a standard answer for this one. Every person is different and needs different building blocks to accomplish their goals. We can give you a pretty good sense of “how long” after we’ve had a conversation to scope out your needs.

How can I order Road, Routes, and Ruts?
Send us an email (Joyce Richman) or give us a call (336-288-1799), we can take your order.

How about ordering Getting Your Kid Out of the House and Into a Job?
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