Roads, Routes & Ruts

Joyce Richman wrote Road, Routes, and Ruts: A Guidebook for Career Success in response to the requests of readers of her advice columns, television viewers, radio talk show listeners and program participants. Richman first addresses the importance of identifying children’s strengths and active parental guidance during childhood development. She notes the need for balancing a child’s interests and outlook through new and different experiences. For college graduates, the author looks at the importance of understanding job market trends and the need to realize the possibilities these opportunities hold, rather than the limitations they may present. Richman examines the job search process including the development of a resume, researching prospective companies, improving interviewing techniques and the power of networking. The author discusses getting out of a rut through career enhancement and advancement techniques that include self evaluation, stress management, attitude adjustment, continuing education and networking. Other topics include preparing for corporate downsizing and layoffs, dealing with unemployment and the hidden job market. Roads, Routes, and Ruts is filled with tips and strategies that illustrate the author’s expertise on how to get a job, and how to change jobs.

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